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Adult Team Tennis

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Our Adult Team Tennis is a fun and exciting way for players to compete against other teams in a sense of camaraderie, while still competing on an individual basis.

A team is made up  of two men and two women players competing against other teams. This program lasts usually six weeks including the playoffs. There will however, be only three players allowed to play and the forth woman will serve as an alternate. This will give teams flexibility in case of injury, illness, vacation, etc.

Each team will have a combined NTRP(National Tennis Rating Program) of 10.0. Example: Joe is a 3.5 player, Mary is a 3.0, and John is a 3.5, which equals a NTRP of 10.0. This Program is a self rating program in which each player rates him or herself based on a set criteria. The names of all players will be drawn based on your NTRP. All 4.0's will be placed in a drawing, all 3.5's will be drawn from a separate drawing etc.

The format that is played is one male singles, one female singles, and a mixed doubles match. A Pro Set will be played. The first to eight games by a margin of two games, with a twelve point tie-breaker played at seven games all. Your team MUST play one match per week and the times will be determined by schedule and court availability.

There will be trophies awarded at the end of the season for first place, second place and third place. The season will begin on  March 30th and end on May 18th 2015. The cost will be $30 per person for each player. This will cover the cost of balls, trophies and Administration. All players must be 18 years of age to play.

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Adult Group Lessons

  Group lessons are for groups of three. These lessons are a great way to save money while working on a common stroke or theme. These lessons are fun and are good for strategic purposes. 

These lessons do not address individual weaknesses in a particular stroke that a player may have.    Please check our schedule for  next available date.

We focus on teaching strategy for doubles play and theme based learning, which  may be used to improve overall stroke production. These lessons will also focus on getting more consistence  on strokes and the physical aspect of the game.

Adult Tennis Clinics

Offering Men's and Ladies Tennis Clinics to help tennis players to work on their games. This is a fun and exciting way to improve in  aspects of tennis. Maybe you had a problem with your serve. Pick the night that we are working on serving and let our instructor assist you. While the instructor cannot give you one on one attention, you may  find help by watching others in the class. If you however, want a more dedicated lesson just for yourself, you can choose to take a Private Lesson

Free Play Days

  • Free Adult Play Days are scheduled several times per year.

  • Free Junior Play days are sponsored by Everlasting Love Tennis and are scheduled four times per year.

  • Check back often for Free Play Days. You may also sign up for reminders here.

  • Our next Free Play Day for adults is TBD

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