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Adult Tennis Clinics

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Offering a fun and competitive  environment to learn the game of tennis. It is surprising to see the number of players that are runners who find it difficult to translate their fitness to the game of tennis. This is because they often times try to apply jogging to the speed and quickness of playing tennis. Sure, being in shape by running is a good thing, however, there is no substitute for learning the footwork and pace that tennis requires.

We focus on the basics of learning how to move to the tennis ball and what to do when you get there.

The next aspect of the game is the recovery phase. After hitting a stroke you need to be able to recover for the next shot. This takes the correct footwork. Often I see players sprinting from a dead stop to attempt to hit balls. This will make your tired very quickly. Ultimately, this will lead to     the player making more errors and losing points, games and a match.   


Adult Tennis Clinics

Monday & Friday - Wolk Park Tennis Center

Tuesday  & Thursday - Wind Tennis Park


7:00PM - 8:30PM


  We do drills, skills and thrills.

  Cost $7 per night



Tennis Clinics are a good and inexpensive way to improve your strokes. It is also a good way to meet other players who are trying to improve their games. This gives a player the opportunity to meet people with different styles and abilities in order to enhance your game and confidence. If you have any questions regarding the class, please call 954-369-4557.

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